Is Trying to Reach Everyone Destroying Your Marketing Strategy?

August 9, 2017
Posted in Marketing
August 9, 2017 Adam Benjamin

Is Trying to Reach Everyone Destroying Your Marketing Strategy?

Say these words with me: My product isn’t for everyone.

The above statement holds true for almost everyone in every industry, and is especially true for freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Let me explain –  There will always be a segment of people who are not interested in your product, or have no need for it at all. Realizing this FACT sooner rather than later goes a long way towards building a successful marketing strategy.

When building your project you have a purpose, a defined vision of what you want to create and who it serves.  If your product is needed in the market, successfully designed, and at the right price point, marketing it effectively will likely lead to success.

When marketing a product, one of the biggest errors you can make is trying to include everyone. You don’t want to risk missing a potential lead or customer, so you widen the parameters to try and speak to as many people as possible.

Although this thought process is somewhat logical, it often leads to failure.

Instead of focusing on your target consumer and letting them know you have what they need, an all-inclusive message results in you missing the consumer you were trying to reach in the first place.  Trying to be all-inclusive ends up watering down your message and ultimately, your branding.

No matter how wide or narrow, you do have a target demographic, so target them. In today’s digital climate, consumer attention span is at a premium. So speak directly to your client base and forget everyone else.

Your product is not for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be to be successful.