The Law Office of Malathi Benjamin

Established in 2001, The Law Office of Malathi Benjamin (LOMB) has built a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence in the Pasadena community. Specializing in immigration law, their honest and transparent approach has led hundreds of clients to place their trust in the Law Office of Malathi Benjamin.

The Strategy

Word of mouth was the LOMB’s primary source of business. Our goal was to expand their digital footprint and drive more qualified leads from throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. The challenge would be making this law firm stand out from the rest, and conveying the trustworthiness factor that sets the LOMB apart. With a limited marketing budget, we had to be cost effective with our strategies and choose the path with the clearest pathway to success.

Website Redesign

Clients want to feel a balance of trust and confidence in their attorney. They want to know that you care about their situation, but also have the skillset to get the job done. The old website was outdated and clunky. Our goal was to build a modern website that immediately established confidence and built credibility. Additionally, we wanted to create an inviting atmosphere that would make potential clients feel comfortable and not intimidated.

Clear call to action

Having a clearly defined next step for clients to act upon is essential for a successful website. The appointment button allows clients to instantly set their appointment date and time within seconds.

Easy to navigate

Highlighting the areas of practice allow potential clients to find the area of law they are looking for and read about the process. A prompt to schedule a consultation at the end of each individual service page gently encourages users to take the next step.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allowed us to monitor how visitors interacted with the site and behaved during their visit. Seeing which pages resulted in the visitor leaving and which pages had higher rates of consultations scheduled, allowed us to optimize the site leading to a higher conversion rate and more potential leads.

Social Media Campaigns

We posted blogs about subjects and current events relating to the Law Office of Malathi Benjamin’s target demographic. We built multiple social media campaigns using gender, age, location, browsing behaviour, and ethnicity to target LOMB’s key demo. Getting the relevant blog posts in front of the right eyes was able to drive hundreds of qualified leads back to the website.

Search Engine Optimization

By targeting specific keywords, providing visitors with quality information and a positive user experience, we were able to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google within 3 months of launch.

Responsive Design

50% of LOMB’s web traffic comes through smartphones and tablets. We made sure that the website was as easy to navigate and read through a mobile device as it is through a computer. We also made sure the website is fast loading on and off of WIFI to ensure a positive user experience.

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