7 Softwares You Need To Work From Home Due To Coronavirus Scare

The coronavirus has many employers across the United States closing their offices and moving their employees to work from home status. Many other employers are considering work from home as an option and will be making a decision in the weeks to come. The good thing is with technology and preparation, working from home can run smoothly and in some cases even improve efficiency. Here are some of our favorite tools to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat if you have to close your offices temporarily.

Communication Tools


Slack is perfect for real time communication. Slack lets you communicate with individuals, groups, or teams. You can quickly share files, create threads, and even place phone calls directly through slack. It also shows you which team members are available and who isn’t.


Zoom is our go-to software for online meetings and screen sharing. You can have multiple people join, it integrates with Google calendar, and makes group meetings effortless. The free version offers unlimited 1-on-1 meetings and up to 40-minutes for group meetings.

Collaboration & Project Management


Asana is our go to project management software. You can create projects for each client, assign tasks and deadlines, evaluate the workload of your team, manage productivity, and keep projects and timelines on track.

Google Drive

Google Drive is fantastic at keeping all your collaterals organized. You can create custom folders and share them with the appropriate team members so that everyone has access to the docs, sheets, slides, and PDSs that they need. It’s also cloud based so it doesn’t matter if where you are.

Business Development & Sales


Hubspot is our favorite CRM. It allows you to track leads and contacts, assign tasks as necessary, automate workflows, and make sure client and prospect data is organized. You can set up sales pipelines, forecast revenue, and build custom dashboards. Hubspot also has a marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub that integrates with the CRM and gives you a host of other services including email marketing, ad management, automations, workflows, chatbots, and much more.

We’re a Hubspot Partner Agency because we’ve helped so many businesses improve efficiency, grow exposure, and increase revenue by integrating and customizing the Hubspot CRM and the various hubs into their businesses. If you’d like to see if Hubspot is a good fit for your business, email us at info@wearestarke.com or call (626) 209-1194.


Aircall is a soft phone system that integrates with the Hubspot CRM, as well as many other CRMs and softwares. All you need with Aircall is to download the app and connect your headset, and you’re ready to start making and receiving calls.


The Pandadoc proposal software allows you to create beautiful, custom proposals in minutes. Pandadoc also integrates with Hubspot and other CRMs so you don’t even have to leave your CRM to get a proposal out. It allows managers to track productivity by viewing how many proposals your team is sending out and where they are in the pipeline.

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