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Find It Parts Case Study


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FinditParts solved a unique need in the truck parts procurement industry. Truck parts are in high demand and often require long shipping times. This causes a major problem for Trucking companies. When a Truck is not on the road, it’s costing the company revenue. FinditParts has access to practically every truck part, and can get it directly to parts managers and service companies quickly.


The Problem - Parts and service managers are busy. And for decades they’ve been used to calling around to various places looking for parts when they need them. Our challenge was to build awareness around the brand and educate the marketplace on the unique value FinditParts brings to their company. We also had to change the way service managers operate. We knew that getting parts managers to change their behavior from calling to using a website would take some work, but we also knew that if we could get them to do it one time, they would immediately start using the system.

Services Provided


We used every tool possible to reach the target audience where we could capture their attention. This included social advertising, email, and even direct mail. We developed a series of short form ads that focused on various aspects of the value FinditParts provides. Because parts managers are really busy, we knew that simplicity in copy and messaging would be key to the target audience absorbing the message.

Meta Ads:

Through rigorous testing of dozens of different creative options, we were able to identify a handful of high performing ads. We built a multi platform strategy that used META as the catalyst for earning attention, but also incorporated email marketing and a very targeted retargeting approach that aligned with the customer journey.

Direct Mail:

Through targeted Direct Mail campaigns, we were able to reach parts managers with physical mail. We used a QR code to track conversions through the direct mail campaign. In order to build the brand, we wanted Parts Managers to see us in multiple places, thus building FinditParts’ credibility in the marketplace.


420% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

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