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Law Firm Web Design & Marketing

Every law firm needs a full-service legal marketing department working for them

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Legal marketing solutions for the modern world

To achieve growth a law-firm must have solid cases with high margins and a consistent influx of new clients. The cases you want won't just find you. You need a comprehensive digital strategy that attracts clients to your firm.

Building a winning strategy doesn't happen by accident. Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

A full-service agency for all your legal marketing needs.

Website Design

Lead Generation


Google Ads

Digital Advertising

Email Automation

Reporting & Analytics

Social Media

Video Marketing

96% of clients seeking legal advice start online. 

We help small firms grow and large firms stay competitive

Solo Practitioner

Solo practitioners are often overwhelmed because they manage every aspect of their firm. We'll help you establish your digital presence and automate your marketing to increase your client acquisition while saving you time and money.

2 - 10 attorneys

Small firms face many challenges, including exposure, budgetary restrictions and lack consistency with client acquisition. We will build and execute a strategy that drives quality leads that convert into high margin cases.

11 - 25 Attorneys

Mid size firms often compete with much larger firms for clients and high value cases. We'll help you identify and communicate your unique value proposition as well as build a rockstar digital strategy that drives leads and accelerates revenue.

26+ Attorneys

In addition to sound metrics, digital strategies, and innovative marketing solutions, large firms need to maintain a high profile brand identity to keep their market positioning. We'll help you maintain and advance your position in the market.

Your Online Presence Is Your Most Profitable Asset

The way clients find attorneys has evolved. Have you?

Law firm marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. Firms that have successfully adapted to the new digital model have grown tremendously.

Most clients begin their search online.

A strong web presence isn't just important, it's essential. Combining that with a conversion optimized website is a foundation for a successful digital strategy that converts visitors into leads and paying clients.

Your website will make or break your marketing strategy.

A strong website will establish your credibility, build rapport and be a powerful conversion tool. A poorly built website will cost you cases and negatively harm your profits.

The majority of firms don't have a consistent lead generation strategy.

Having a lead generation plan in place will keep your pipeline full. Developing an infrastructure that properly cultivates leads will increase conversion rates and profits.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Starke Marketing built a website for my law firm a few months ago. They went above and beyond to make sure the website was exactly what I needed. It exceeded my expectations... I am constantly getting compliments from others on how nice my website looks and how efficiently it runs. The team was professional, prompt, and so knowledgeable.
Desiree M.
Managing Attorney - Foothill Law Group
I signed up with Starke Marketing a few months ago to market my law firm and I am so impressed by their commitment and knowledge. They have conducted a detailed analysis of my strategy and goals to date and have made intelligent and viable suggestions for growth. They rebuilt my website and improved my SEO quicker than I expected.
Malathi B.
Lead Attorney - LOMB PLC