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Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost


Thomas & Friends hosts various events throughout the year across the United States called “Day Out With Thomas”. They’re a family event featuring a life size Thomas The Train Engine and lot’s of other fun family activities. In addition to a day of fun for the entire family, Day Out With Thomas introduces the next generation to the Thomas & Friends brand.


Build awareness around the various events and sell tickets.

Services Provided


We need to reach the parents of young children, who are the primary decision makers when making purchase decisions. We needed high performing creative assets and a platform strategy that allows us to reach the target audience with efficiency to increase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and decrease CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Creative Strategy:

We’re selling fun! Day Out With Thomas is an activity packed day and it’s affordable for the entire family. We leaned into past events to capture content and create a series of video and image assets, that were short but action packed. Parents are risking not just money, but time, and we knew the creative assets should showcase that the event would deliver a day to remember. Through rigorous testing, we were able to identify a series of high performing assets that were replicable for other events around the country.

Platform Strategy:

We tested various platforms but identified through data that META, YouTube Ads, and Google Ads were our highest performing channels. Google allowed us to capture parents who were searching for fun activities in the area. However, because we’re limited by search volume, we knew we needed social ads to expand the audience. We used META and YouTube to build awareness around the events and drive conversions at scale. Through constant campaign optimizations and various bidding strategies, we built a replicable sales model that could be utilized at all the events across the nation.


ROAS for the year was 595%

CAC decreased by 20% compared to the previous year.

"It was a successful year for our campaign and the tour. We’re looking forward to working together next year as well."

- Thomas and Friends Team

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