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Increase in paid users year over year


Monthly active user rate


The WealthCAP Hub by Succession Advisors is an online learning platform for RIAs and Ultra-high net worth families (UHNW). Succession Advisors had a goal to create an ecosystem that made access to reliable and cutting edge information available to firms and families alike. By becoming a subscriber, you get access to past content as well as all of the new content so you can stay informed and make the best financial decisions possible for your clients or yourself.


Our goal was to first build the platform and then drive users to subscribe. The platform was both B2B and B2C. The WealthCAP Hub offers a lot of value to RIA firms. It gives their employees a resource to research different topics, while simultaneously keeping them educated on the ever evolving financial landscape. The WealthCAP Hub serves as a sales tool, a training tool, an educational resource, and a means of staying up to date on new information. The Wealth CAP Hub is not only for RIAs however, individual families whether they’re with an RIA or not, would now have access to information that before was only available to them through a consultant. From their laptop, tablet or smartphone, they would be able to research various topics that would help them make more informed decisions.

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We developed a multi-platform strategy targeting the various users and identified the platforms that provided the most efficiency in reaching the right user based on whether they were B2B or B2C. LinkedIn and cold email proved effective in building awareness for the brand in the B2B space. META was used primarily to build awareness in the D2C space. Because the platform takes a lot of education, we knew going in the sales process would be a longer one. We built a funnel that aligned with the customer journey to lead users from awareness to conversion.

Platform Development:

Our developers built a highly customized platform that allowed multi-tier subscriptions, content dissemination, online billing, and tiered plans for corporate accounts. Due to the wealth of content housed on the platform, it was important for the Hub to be optimized for speed and include a CDN to ensure the platform was fast and usable on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


5,240% Increase in paid users year over year

82% monthly active user rate

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