The Web Design Triangle: Conquer These Three Points To Dominate Online

The website design triangle makes all three components of a successful website work together.

Your website should be a powerful business tool. Depending on your industry, this means generating leads or selling products or services.  The web design triangle connects the three major components of a successful website: Design, Conversion Optimization, and SEO.

If your company has just one or two high performing points on the triangle, you’re likely seeing moderate to good results. However, if you can excel at all three aspects, your website will bring you unfathomable results.

Point 1: Design

Good design achieves a purpose. If you are a service based business, that purpose is to build your credibility and educate your target demographic. If you’re an e-commerce business your website should establish your brand and showcase product. Good design provides visitors a pleasurable and effortless online experience. Bad design ensures they’ll hit that back button as fast as they got there, wasting valuable ad dollars and costing you future business.

While web design can be visually beautiful, it’s not art, it’s science. It’s knowing how typefaces, content, imagery, video, and colors all work together to accomplish the goal. And the goal at this stage leads us to the next point on the triangle. Conversion Optimization.

Point 2: Conversion optimization

So they got to your website, but who cares if they don’t convert! Conversion optimization may be the most important part of the triangle.  Conversion optimization is a blend of science and consumer psychology. A website that is correctly conversion-optimized directs the steps the web visitor takes. It’s understanding where to place content, what calls to action to use, what the offer is, and ultimately how to get a web visitor to convert into a lead or purchase product.

Conversion optimization is unique to each business. It takes a detailed evaluation of your target’s buyers journey and an understanding of how to get them to take the next step.

Point 3: Qualified Traffic

Too many people start with point three before laying their foundation. Before getting to traffic and advertising, make sure your design is flawless and your website is optimized for conversion. If you skip these steps, you’ll end up wasting money and demoralizing yourself and your staff.

Once you’re ready to get going, it’s important to start by determining your advertising budget and identifying which advertising sources make sense for your business. In today’s world there are many free and paid ways to drive qualified traffic to your business.

Free Advertising Options

  • Market through social media
  • Blog regularly
  • Start a YouTube channel

Paid Advertising Options

  • Social advertising
  • Google Ads and PPC
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid search advertising
  • Retargeting
  • OTT and Connected TV
  • Print and outdoor media
  • Radio and podcast advertising
  • Television

Even the best designed and conversion optimized website is useless unless your customers find it. Evaluate which source is best for you, and get people to your site!

Are all three points of your website performing?

Here’s the bottom line, your website should be your top salesperson and the hardest-working team member. It should be a consistent source of revenue. If your site isn’t performing up to expectations, take a look at these three points and identify where you’re lacking.

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