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Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Increase in Qualified Leads


West Coast Trial Lawyers is a personal injury law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. With a celebrity client list that includes the likes of Carmen Electra, Johnny Manziel and others, WCTL has made a name for themselves as a firm that can be trusted to fight for their clients, small and large.


The Personal Injury space is competitive. Our goal was to build awareness around WCTL as a firm with a stellar reputation, and drive leads in their various service areas. Because it’s a competitive space, Google Ads are expensive. We needed a strategy that increased lead volume as well as the quality of leads that lead to higher ROI cases.

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Increasing lead volume and quality simultaneously requires a strategy that targets high-intent prospects. We developed a digital strategy that aligns with the customer journey from search to form fill.

Through reporting and collaboration with the client we were able to identify which campaigns the profitable cases were coming from, and reallocate budget towards those channels from the lower performing campaigns. Thus increasing the profitability of the entire campaign quarter over quarter.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Through Google Analytics and Heat Mapping, we were able to identify the areas of the various landing pages that were adversely affecting conversions. After testing and optimizing based on data we made strategic design changes, adjustments to the layout, and copy edits that increased on site conversions in the way of phone calls and form fills.

Platform Strategy:

We needed to dominate search to win. Because the Personal Injury Space is volatile, Cost per keywords are always changing. This requires a hands-on approach and constant monitoring to reduce wastage and increase campaign efficiency.

Our Paid Search team implemented a Google Ads strategy that was agile and reactive to the shifts in the market.


250% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

The Cost Per Lead decreased by 15%

Qualified leads increased by 20%

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