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Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Advertising

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are more than buzzwords, they’re transforming paid digital advertising. Paid digital has become a significant part of most marketing plans from start-ups looking to scale, to established companies looking to maintain and grow their revenue.

Over the past decade, demographic and behavior targeting has moved from a hot new trend to a standard component of digital advertising. Whether you are running Google Ads, PPC campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads, or another digital ad campaign, identifying your target demo and building digital parameters within your campaign to target them was likely the first thing you or your agency did. AI has now upped the stakes and taken it to a different level.

By combining AI and machine learning with device targeting, we are able to lean on technology to find your target audience in a way that was not possible even two years ago. AI is now able to replicate user data, patterns, and behaviors and find similar users to deliver your ads to in real time. In the past, agencies and marketers would analyze and report data looking for high performing audiences and ad sets in and attempt to determine how to consolidate the budget. Today, machine learning is doing this in real time.

What does this mean? This means your dollar goes further, your conversion rate goes up, your revenue increases, and you understand your target demographic in a way that was never before possible.


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