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Four Key Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

What are the Four Key elements to look for when choosing a marketing agency?

You are the expert when it comes to successfully running your business, serving your clients and hitting your target goals. Yet this digital age demands an additional overlay of expertise provided by a marketing agency: multimedia marketing

Trends come and go rapidly. Social media can impact you business reputation in seconds. Consumer tendencies change with every app update, and outreach tactics can become obsolete with every tap of the refresh button. With so many different elements and outlets to monitor in the digital age, the need for a top-notch marketing agency has become an imperative component of business excellence. 

There are a dizzying array of agencies touting unique mission statements and core values. They promise to increase your company’s bottom line, yet they all tout different approaches and tactics. With such a wide array of options and many factors to consider, it is absolutely crucial to know how to identify the essential qualities that will make a marketing agency a great fit for your business. After all, you are entrusting them with the ‘keys’ to your company.

So without further a due, here are the four key elements to look for when choosing a marketing agency:


First on the list: transparency and trustworthiness. It’s easy for an agency to say it has helped build a company up from nothing by providing unparalleled service. However it’s vital to research an agency’s past clients. When browsing their portfolio ask questions about their work to get a sense of how candid and revealing they are about the details of the engagement. It is a major red flag if they are vague or want to avoid discussing past projects. A good agency will be transparent about their history and straightforward about the “hows” and “whys” of the plans they promote.

Their work

When examining a marketing agency’s client list and portfolio, look for long-term clients and a high client retention rate. Although many partnerships are designed to be short-term, a strong agency builds lasting business partnerships that are beneficial to both companies. A sustained affiliation means the agency provides effective and reliable work that continually benefits the client. It also shows that the agency is loyal to its clients, cares about them and wants to constantly please them.

Future thinkers

It is absolutely imperative to find a tech-savvy agency. Groups that keep up to date with the latest technological trends and digital innovations provide exceptional efficiency, increased productivity and cutting-edge client campaigns. A great indicator that an agency is technologically literate is their web presence. The agency should be easy to find with a quick Google search and show solid activity on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A state-of-the-art digital agency will stay on top of new trends and offer optimal service.

Good Vibes

Even though a shining track record and praise filled testimonies are key when selecting an agency, perhaps the most important factor is personal chemistry. Marketing should be fun and exciting. It is about getting down to a company’s core values and thinking of creative ways to bring them to life. Agency account executives who are personable and fun to work with actually enhance creativity and generate better results. A good gauge of chemistry is the deserted island test. Ask yourself: “If I were stranded on a deserted island with this agency, would we find a way to get off the island or drive each other insane?” Although the actual service is essential, building a mutually beneficial long-term relationship is key.

Concluding thoughts

All in all, when selecting a marketing agency, you want to keep these four elements in mind. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a few agencies and see how you feel. Did they ask solid questions, were they able to provide answers or were they being evasive, were they friendly or did you feel they were just trying to sell you on their service; all of these play an important roll in your relationship with the marketing agency you end up choosing. 

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