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5 Marketing Fails Most Law Firms Make

1. Not giving new leads enough priority

Too many attorneys do aren’t quick enough to speak to leads or respond to leads. A person who is in need of legal assistance wants to speak to an attorney immediately, they don’t want to leave a message with a receptionist or wait to be called back. 


Two things we guarantee will happen : 


  1. If your receptionist takes a message and tells a prospect you’ll call back, that lead is calling another attorney the moment they hang up and will continue to call until they get in touch with someone who can help them.
  2. If a potential client fills out a consultation form on your website, they’ve likely filled out a form on a few other websites as well. The fastest attorney to get in touch has the best chance of landing the client.

A lot goes into generating new leads, it’s important they’re given the highest priority. The ones that aren’t treated with urgency will find another attorney.



2. Not training your staff on how to handle leads

Whoever picks up the phone at your firm, whether it’s a receptionist, assistant, or someone else, should be trained on how to handle new leads. They should know how to recognize a new lead and aim to provide exceptional customer service. You would think this goes without saying, it doesn’t. Say it, and say it often.


If for whatever reason an attorney isn’t available to speak with the prospect, never send that person to voicemail, the odds are they hang up after they’re transferred. Even if they do leave a voicemail, they’ll almost certainly call another firm after until they get what they need. Instead, make sure your team has access to your calendar and have them book a time to talk and send the lead a calendar invite. This will decrease the chance of the lead contacting another firm.



3. Discounting retainers too often

Clients often tell attorneys that they can’t afford the retainer. In some cases it’s true, most of the time it’s nonsense. If the case is important to the client, and they believe you are the person who can solve it for them, they’ll find the money. If you truly believe that the client can’t afford your services and you want to help, that’s fine, but it should be the exception and not the rule. Too many attorneys jump to discounting their retainers because they’re afraid of losing the business, but most experienced attorneys know that the clients they give discounts too often end up being the most difficult and demanding clients.

This can be a tough one, especially for start-up firms or firms that are struggling with getting new business. However, discounting retainers too often leads to low margin cases and stifle growth. Instead, know the value you provide and price your retainers accordingly. Show your prospects the value you provide through your marketing and at the consultation. You’ll find that if you do a good job showing your worth, you won’t have to discount your retainer.



4. Not using or underutilizing a CRM

A CRM is short for Client Relationship Manager. Yes, we needed to state that because it’s amazing how many firms don’t use one for their marketing and it’s costing them money. A CRM essentially stores all of your lead data and makes sure that they are receiving the proper attention. It lets you know how many leads you’re generating, what percentage are converting into paying clients, and which advertising methods are the most profitable. If you aren’t using a CRM, please contact us for a free CRM software that you can integrate within 24-hours.



5. Using the “set-it and forget-it” approach to marketing

Too many firms both small and large set their marketing and ad spend on auto-pilot. To optimize your results, your advertising requires active management. Depending on the size of your budget this means weekly or even daily adjustments. If you’re using a CRM and are analyzing cost per lead, cost per acquisition, and other key metrics, you should be constantly shifting your spend and optimizing your campaigns to achieve peak profitability. 



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